February 16th

I just completed my first day of review on my crazy schedule and I scored a 69% with the software I’m using.  Obviously, this is still failing as I need a 75% to pass.  However, since I’m dumping massive amounts of information into my head each day, I thought I would score less than 69%.  So, I’ll chalk this up as a win and try to best that score next time.

Tomorrow’s new item is leases and present value stuff.  I have to admit, the section on present values gave me a thorough spanking.   The video lectures are short(ish) but the problems are in abundance.  I hope I can get through them all in one day.  If it doesn’t take too long, I’ll go over some more present value problems.

I haven’t mentioned this before, but I’m shooting to get a 90% or higher on the FAR exam.  This number is more for my mental mind set when I study.  I’m figuring if I can understand nearly everything during practice, I’ll have plenty of room to choke on exam day.

That’s all for today!


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