February 17th

I managed to finish the entire section on leases, review some present value stuff (which gave me another thorough thumping today) and watch the first video of my topic for tomorrow!  Not too shabby.  I might review leases and present value stuff for 15 or 20 minutes tonight to make sure it sinks in.  I forgot about something I have to do Monday, so I’m moving Monday’s topic to Sunday and I’ll take Monday off.

Away from the exam: I’m becoming increasingly irritated with the job search effort.  I’m not sure if people are giving me the cold shoulder because I’m 7,000+ miles away, been out of accounting for some time or both.  Or perhaps there are just too many applicants who are better than me?  It’s frustrating because I want to work not so much for the pay, but for the experience.  Obviously, just like anyone else, I would like to make a lot of money down the road.  In the short run, I just want to learn and work hard.

I’m confident that I could become something valuable to my employer and even make them money within a short time of being hired, but conveying that confidence from so far away with something like e-mail and electronic documents is proving to be a nearly impossible task.

Most of the people I’ve talked with about this (friends & family) usually tell me not to worry, it’ll all work itself out.  I’m sure they’re right but in the meantime I wish I could take a little more control over my destiny instead of leaving it in the hands of Ol’ Father Time.

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