Changes in the Wind?

Yesterday I had to help some friends with getting their Japanese driver’s license.  Well, I didn’t HAVE to, but rather, I WANTED to.  If any of you have ever tried to get a Japanese driver’s license, you know it can be somewhat of a test of patience.  The day went rather well as one of my friends passed the test while the other failed.  The friend who failed is a great driver, he was just a little nervous.  So we made him a couple more appointments and he’ll go give it another crack next week.

Since I was busy doing that most of the day yesterday, I decided to get up at 5:50am and do a bit of studying.  I originally planned on doing receivables on Sunday, but I just ran out of enthusiasm after studying for 6 days in a row, averaging 6 hours a day.  So I took Sunday off and thought I could tackle the whole chapter Monday.  Sadly, I only made it through the video lectures of receivables and didn’t get to the problems.  After a whole day of helping with Japanese language stuff and giving instruction, I was a little tired and just wanted to eat and relax.  We all went out to Indian food and with a belly full of spicy fruit curry, I called it a day with anything related to effort.

Being in danger of falling behind my schedule, I hustled this morning to get receivables done, eat lunch, do my scheduled review and finish up with the first video for tomorrow’s topic.  The review went rather well as I scored a 75%.  I’m doing fairly well on the section of the test where I need to work through problems, but getting killed on multiple choice – particularly inventory questions.  If  finish my section early tomorrow, I’ll fire up the software and Rog’s textbook and review inventory questions with the extra time.  Present value stuff is getting a little better, but not as bad as it was.

You might be wondering what the title to this post means.  After sending out countless resumes and tailored cover letters, I finally got a positive response from one company (which is a lot better than the NO response I was getting!)  I’ll have an interview in April upon returning to Vermont.  To top it off, the company is what I would consider one of the best in its class in Vermont.  Obviously the interview is the hardest part of getting a job, but I’m happy someone has expressed an interest in my services.  From now until the day of the interview, I’ll have to do all I can to stay on top of my game and make sure I’m ready.  I’ve never been one of those people who assumes someone will give me a job.  Instead, I prefer to do everything within my power to take fate into my own hands.  With about 6 weeks to do just that, I should be OK — maybe.

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