Where’s the Blogger?

Rest assured, I’m making progress on my studies.  I just haven’t had the time or mental energy to deal with posting that little fact.  Today is a day off and tomorrow is a review day for all the previous materials.  I’ll try to get to the gym during the day and spend the whole session jumping from sauna to cold bath.

Here’s a mental energy sink for you: I’ve just recently had my taxes done for the past 5 years, and as you can imagine, it wasn’t cheap.  I had to pay the accountant a considerable sum for his services and then I had to pay the fine people of the United States Government $1,800.

Now, naturally, I wouldn’t have a problem paying this, but a month before I’m moving and leaving my wife here until her visa is complete, that kind of money sure would be put to better use elsewhere.

The upside is, now we can continue moving forward with my wife’s visa.  We couldn’t do this unless all those taxes were done.

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