March 5th

As I said before, things are plugging along pretty well here with nothing big going on.

As I’m looking at it, I’m about a week ahead of schedule on my studies.  There were several easy chapters and I managed to get through 3 in one day and 2 in another.  If I keep up this pace, I should finish around March 17th or so.  I certainly wouldn’t mind this as I have a few other things that must be done, one of the big things being moving.  Also, I can start reviewing and preparing for the test early and start preparing for the other test in May.

I’m starting to get excited, anxious, nervous and a mix of other feelings about my move back to the States.  It’s been so long since I lived there that I’m actually feeling like I’m moving to a new country.  I imagine that I will have a little bit of reverse culture shock but I can’t anticipate what the problems will be.

I’m hoping that I can get the job I have an interview with and keep busy to help with the transition.  This will help keep me focused and will ease my nerves about starting my new career without problems.  On weekends, I’ll be brewing up a storm and baking a bunch of bread.  I have already placed an order for my brewing stuff and once I get to the States I’ll bang out a few brews in the first couple of weeks.  I’m planning an English style IPA (with Fuggle hops), a rye ale (as anyone who knows me knows, I LOVE rye), a Hobgoblin clone and an Old Rasputin Imperial Russian Stout clone (this one’s for aging until winter time, 11% alcohol).  After that, my wife requested some sparkling hard cider, so I’ll work on that in order for it to be ready for the fall/winter months.  Hopefully by that time she’ll have been long settled in the States with the nightmare of visa processing behind.  Once I start the brewing and baking, I’ll get pics up and whatnot.

My brain’s about as awake as it will ever be so I suppose I should go study.

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