My first sweep through the FAR book is done!  All the topics are now “loaded” into my brain and all that’s left is to review non-stop until the exam.  Since reviewing is reinforcing and cleaning up on a few unclear areas, it should be a lot less stressful.  Since we’re heading into the thick of moving, this will be a great help.

As you can imagine, things are starting to get a little crazy here.  We’ve got about one week left in this apartment and this is the week that we start unloading all of our stuff.  I would imagine I probably won’t get a chance to post many updates on this blog for a while, perhaps maybe not even until I get to Vermont.

The only other big piece of news is the fact that I cleaned out my office today.  Lately I’ve been having all sorts of mixed emotions and today only compounded it.  It seems like just yesterday I was starting here, but in reality it was 5 years ago.  To be at the end of one phase of my life and the beginning of another is a very bizarre feeling.  It has prompted a lot of self reflection and a reassessment of goals.  Now more than ever, I’m determined to get back to Vermont and make the most of every chance I get. 

I’ll post more in the coming 2 weeks if I have the chance.

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