After a long and uneventful trip, I’m back.  Things really hit home on our approach to Burlington, VT airport.  When I looked out the window and saw the airport area approaching and our wheels almost touched the ground, I knew my adventure was over.  Since my wife is Japanese, I know I’ll be going back to Japan often.  However, that part of my life working with a great group of people at a great job is done.  I can only hope that the future holds promises that are just as bright, if not brighter.

Leaving my wife behind was difficult.  Since her visa will take a couple more months to process, we had to go ahead and part ways for a bit.  This is good in a way because I can get everything all set for her arrival, but it still sucks being apart.  It’s funny, I even miss the occasional fights we had.  No, it’s not fun fighting.  But, the fighting we did was usually over important decisions in our lives.  This is what I miss.  I miss having guidance and companionship from my best friend.  I’m thankful we live in the modern age and can communicate nearly everyday.

Life here will start off fast and furious.  Today we have to do a lot of shopping as I need a suit for my interview on Thursday.  I also got all my brewing stuff in and need to get my bearings on that.  I’ll post a lot of update once we get started on stuff here.  Time for me to rummage through my goodies!

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One Response to Back

  1. Casey says:

    glad you made it back in one piece bill…talk to you soon

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