Heading Towards Normalcy

Well, the first whirlwind week is out of the way.  I managed to get everything done, except brewing beer, and get somewhat settled.  I had my interview Thursday, which I feel went well.  I hope to hear back soon on it, but I’m not waiting to take more action.

I plan on doing a bit of unconventional job hunting by going around to firms I’m interested in, meet the partners and introduce myself and hand deliver my resume and cover letter in a nice folder.  Hopefully I don’t need to do much of it, but I’m determined to get a good job from the get go.

The other big thing that happened was we (my wife and I of course, even though she is currently in Japan) bought a new car.  Yes, a new car.  I really didn’t want to go that route while just settling down, but I did some shopping around and the used car market SUCKS.  Most cars I was interested in were either high miles, bad condition, salvage titles, dirty, or a combination of all.  To top it off, they were still around $13,000 to start!  So I talked to my wife and said we have two choices: we can buy a lower end new car that will be covered over the coming years with a warranty.  The other choice was to go super cheap, $5,000 or under, and just pray that the car lasts as long as it can.  We decided to spring for the new car and not worry about anything for a while.  Here’s the ride:

It’s a 2012 Kia Rio5, right off the boat from Korea.  My impression of Kia was they are cheap and unsafe, but this car is quite nice.  It’s got all sorts of bells and whistles for electronics, does fantastic on gas and has a 5 star safety rating.  To top it off, Kia has a FANTASTIC warranty.

Now that things are slowing down, I’ve had more of a chance to reflect on what just happened.  It seems weird to look at my life and know that I was able to get a job in Japan and live and work there for 5 years.  It’s often the stuff that dreams are made of and now it already feels like it was just a dream.  Although I certainly had things that pissed me off about Japan, I really do miss it there.

Speaking of missing things, I really miss my wife.  Although I’m not in the military or anything, it’s still hard to be apart.  It’s already been one week but it feels like longer.  The only positive thing is with me here, I can take immediate action with any documents her visa may take.  Since my wife is being a trooper about it, I picked this up for her in China:

It’s a jade heart with sterling silver and crystals (not diamonds).

Here’s to a speedy visa process and a job offer in the near future!

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2 Responses to Heading Towards Normalcy

  1. Casey says:

    good to hear you’re settling in, and hopefully ayu will be joining you soon…i used to feel the same way about kia’s but they’ve come a long way in the past few years…
    meanwhile in japan…cherry blossoms in full bloom and spring has finally come to kanazawa…

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