Attack Plan #2

With just over 3 weeks remaining, I need a new attack plan for the next exam.  Here it is from where I stand right now:

June 18 & 19: Financial Management & Capital Budgeting

June 20-22: Information Technology

June 23-27: Cost Accounting & Performance Measurement

June 28-30: Planning, Control & Analysis and Risk Management

July 1-7: Review like a madman!  (Up to 3 hours/night)

Preparing for this exam will be considerably harder since I am working full time and lose 2 hours a day to travel time.  Add to that that I will be doing some private English lessons during the week and it could get crazy.

It’s only a short time and since I can’t sleep too much at night anyway, I can burn the midnight oil. The separation from my wife is really starting to weigh on me emotionally and is taking huge chunks of sleep time away from me.  Currently, I log between 5 and 7 hours of sleep, but most of it is interrupted sleep since I get up every 2 hours or so for various reasons.

Her visa interview is July 17th.  We requested a change, but we’ll see if they are able to comply with it.  Even if they are, I’m worried she won’t have time to get her health check done.

Hopefully all this will be over soon and life can get just a wee bit easier for both of us.

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